Musicians for Palestine

Voices for Palestine

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Among our activities in France we organize every year in Angers Chabada a concert in support of our projects in Palestine. Each year nearly 1,000 people attend this festival has become traditional.


Leila Shahid

Each return of Palestine is also an opportunity for association members to testify. Testify not only to our practical actions, but also the current situation in Palestine.



Collection instruments

Accueil d'étudiants Palestiniens

groupe instruments

We collect instruments and learning materials (partitions, desks, CD) offered by different donors (individuals, protection). The first convoy of instruments for Palestine was held in 2005.


Arrivée en France resized

After three years of study at the School of Ramallah Kamandjâti Al Amir Malhis, Montaser Mohammad Karzon Jebrini and arrived in France October 3, 2009 to complete their studies at the Conservatoire d'Angers.



Grants - Relations


"Fundraising" to the European Union, various French ministries, local councils and regional associations.

"linkages " with other (musical, NGOs) in Europe, the USA and Palestine.




Al Kamandjâti Festival 2017 in Palestine

logo ak festival black

We have the pleasure to invite you to celebrate Easter and join a very special musical and...

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Statement by Palestinian performing art...

2014 Bombardement Gaza

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2014 Music days

2014 Music Days Poster

10 to 20th of June

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