Voices for Palestine


Every return to Palestine is an occasion for the association's members to testify.

Not only testify as to our concrete achievements, but also about the crisis in the occupied territories. Indeed, not only do the evening events «Voices for Palestine » bring news of the achievements of the project, but they also bring vivid descriptions of the living conditions of the population we work with. The first evening's lecture, « Voices for Palestine », was organized in October 2003 after the first workshops in the territories. One of the speakers was Mrs. Leila Shahid, General Delegate of Palestine in France. On the podium, she was accompanied by several musicians and members of the association. Every year since, the evening has ended with a concert given by musicians from Al Kamandjâti.


Together for Palestine


Mrs Leila Shahid, General Delegate of Palestine in France, had been to Angers in October 2003 to guide the first steps of the association. During an event organized to support Al Kamandjâti project « Ensembles pour la Palestine » (« Together for Palestine »), she came back on November, 22nd 2005 with Elias Sanbar, historian and director of the Palestinian Studies Review.

Leila Shahid was very pleased to deliver this last speech in France in support of Al Kamandjâti huge venture, before going to Brussels where she will now represent Palestine at the European Commission and to the Belgian government. She is the daughter of Palestinian refugees who had been representing the Palestinian Authority for 12 years. Her father, a writer and historian of the Palestinian people, representative of Palestine at UNESCO, has been in exile with his family since 1948.

This event was an occasion for the project's members and sympathisers to gather, to hear about the achievements of the association, the current political and cultural situation in Palestine, and to listen to the teachers from the Conservatoire of Angers playing Brahms, Schubert and Mozart's musical masterpieces.



Al Kamandjâti Festival 2017 in Palestine

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2014 Bombardement Gaza

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2014 Music days

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10 to 20th of June

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