Music discovery workshops

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The preliminary approach in awakening children's innate desire to learn music.

Music is a universal language. We encourage the Palestinian people to use this artistic tool to harmonize and enrich their cultural life, thus promoting international awareness and recognition of the Palestinian nation.

Through music, Al Kamandjâti aims to show that education and culture can transcend and overcome the Israeli violence from which Palestinians suffer. Learning music provides children with a form of expression to channel their energy creatively and constructively. Are not today's children tomorrow's adults? We teach them the rhythms and harmonies of civilization that they might grow up to rebuild a nation.

Classical music is, for the children, a discovery. We introduce each one to an instrument. Moreover, these workshops enable children to gather in a disciplined setting, whether as neighbours or friends or new acquaintances.

Meeting "The Palestinians of the outside", expelled from their lands in 1948 or 1967 and refugees in the neighbour States. In Lebanon, there are about 500,000 refugees massed in 12 camps.


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In the summer of 2008 we visited 2 refugee camps:

* Nahr El Bared, a camp located 16 km north of Tripoli, near the cost. The camp was established by the Red Crescent in 1949 to give shelter to the Palestinians who fled the Huleh Lake area in Palestine. Of the 31,000 people living in this camp, more than half took refuge in the neighbouring camp of Beddawi. In one week, we visited almost all the centers and schools in these camps, and we ran dozens of workshops and concerts.

* Rashidieh, a camp located in the very south of Lebanon near the Palestinian border. Working here was a very positive experience and was met with much enthusiasm: We were encouraged to give regular music courses starting this year.



During the summer of 2006 we visited five camps:

Ein El Helweh (70,000 refugees), Mieh (5,000) and the camps located around Tyre in the very south : Rashidieh (25,000), Burdj El-Shemali and El Bouss.

We met about 1,500 kids with whom we developed a special rapport through workshops and concerts. This year, we brought a broad range of instruments: saxophone played by Edwidge, French horn played by Gaby, clarinet played by Marion, flute played by Agathe, cello played by Clemence, violin played by Benedicte and Rabia'a singing, accompanied by Yacine on darbouka.

Workshops were organized in kindergartens and primary schools, and also in cultural centers, scout camps, women's organizations and in plazas. During the workshops the children were allowed to try out the instruments. It was a powerful moment, when people communicated through smiles! They participated in the concerts by standing up, clapping their hands, singing, dancing etc. They were pleasantly surprised and happy to hear songs they knew, joyful songs, carrying hope and love.

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