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Musical discovery workshops

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A regular teaching program has been organized in the Al Kamandjâti music schools and in surrounding refugee camps and villages. The first center opened in autumn 2005 in the old city of Ramallah. Two other centers were created in Deir Ghassana in 2006 and in Jenin in 2007.


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In August 2003, in February and July 2004 and February and August 2005 and during the summers of 2006 and 2007, groups of young international musicians have been working around the discovery of music and presentation and practical approach of the instruments to children.



Instrument-making workshop



Any training, any musical practice assumes to have people available to build, repair and maintain musical instruments. The project "Violin" is thus born from the observation that the lack of Palestinian luthiers. Al Kamandjâti therefore decided to invite luthiers in Palestine and to send young musicians to receive training in Europe.


Festival baroque 2006 Fête de la musique 2006 Festival baroque 2009

Each year Al Kamandjâti organizes:

  • The Music Days Festival in June, since 2006, in partnership with the French Cultural Centers Network in Palestine. The Festival lasts 12 days and takes place in more than 10 Palestinian cities.

  • A Baroque Music Festival in December, since 2005.



Summer Camps

Cultural Exchanges

Camp Eté 2009 01

Since 2007, the association has been gathering its students in a little castle in Beit Wazan (near Nablus), for one week to:

* Participate in group classes, take individual lessons and take part in workshops under the direction of their teachers as well as guest teachers.

* Perform in concerts with the teachers and in student ensembles.


Echange musical Eté 2009

It remains essential for Al Kamandjâti to promote cultural exchanges, which is why AK aims at involving its students in:

* Exchange programs abroad with partner organisations. Some students have been given the opportunity to take part in music workshops abroad in order to improve their technical skills.

* Meetings and collaborations in Palestine with young musicians from other countries.



Musical Activities Al Kamandjâti

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Teachers in Palestine and Lebanon for the 2010-2011 school year.

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"It's not a gun"

History of the development of Al Kamandjâti in Palestine from 2003 until the opening of the first school in 2005 in Ramallah.



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