Cultural Exchanges

Echange musical Eté 2009

It remains essential for Al Kamandjâti to promote cultural exchanges, which is why AK aims at involving its students in:

* Exchange programs abroad with partner organisations. Some students have been given the opportunity to take part in music workshops abroad in order to improve their technical skills.

* Meetings and collaborations in Palestine with young musicians from other countries.



Yallah Musika! July 22nd 2009 - August 5th 2009

Al Kamandjâti, featuring the Italian association Prima Materia, organized a musical exchange between young musicians from Palestine, Italy (21) and France (7). The Yallah Musika! Project aimed at facilitating a mutual discovery of different cultures, through the music we created and through living together during this brief and intense period. The students were hosted by Palestinian families.

A symphony orchestra composed of 60 students from Jenin, Ramallah, Florence and Angers rehearsed a program of Western Orchestral music and traditional Arabic music. The orchestra played in the cultural centers of Ramallah, Jenin and Jerusalem.



An exchange with the Prima Materia music school in Italy was organised.

The first step took place in the summer of 2007 when some of the teachers from the music school came to Palestine to meet the students, run workshops and give lessons.

The second step came this summer, from July 20th to August 5th 2008. 15 Al Kamandjâti students went to Italy, with two coordinators, to take part in music workshops with their Italian friends.



Some students went to New Hampshire, USA and to Salzburg, Austria in order to take part in music workshops so as to improve their technical skills and learn to play chamber music.

Two violin students were invited by the Apple Hill chamber Music Center to take part in a two-week Chamber Music Festival in June 2007 in New Hampshire.


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