Instrument-making workshop

Not only does Al Kamandjâti teach Palestinian children how to play music, but it also teaches some of them how to repair, maintain and tune instruments.

Indeed, this kind of expertise remains rare in Palestine, yet all musicians need it to play. This is why Al Kamandjâti also focuses on this issue.


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Shehadeh studied in London in violin making schools




Shehadeh, a young man who has been involved in the development of the lute-making workshop since it was created, spent three months in Italy learning from stringed instrument makers who had previously been to Palestine running repair and instrument building courses. From July to October, he gained sufficient knowledge to build his first two violins. This work was made possible by a subsidy from the Italian Commune of Sienna.



Lutherie 2007

For the second year running, Music Fund, an organisation which aims to provide young musicians and music schools located in conflict areas with material support, came to Palestine in January. Its president, Lukas Pairon, gave us musical instruments.

In July Olivier Marie, a French piano tuner, came to Palestine with Music Fund to run piano maintenance workshops, which were attended by some students and teachers from the center. Not only were they occasions to set aright many of the instruments that had been given to the association, but they also enabled young Palestinians to learn more about this very rare skill.

During the year, many stringed instrument makers came as volunteers to revitalise the instrument-making workshop that is located just next to the center in the old city of Ramallah. Paolo Stucchi and Guust Augustinus came in February, Nicole Dumon-Hassan in May, Gianluca Montenegro in July, Jes Hansen in October, Becky Shannon and Paolo Sorgentone in December. In September, Al Kamandjâti also received Sauli Terava for three months to teach how to repair and tune pianos. This period appears to have been a preliminary step towards sending some of our young Palestinian students abroad to build instruments.



Lutherie 2006

Everything started in May 2006: Aurele Hardy and Gert Schrijvers, expert stringed instrument makers from Music Fund, came to teach the basics of their know-how to different students and teachers from Al Kamandjâti. This session was an opportunity to repair many instruments. It initiated some young Palestinians into the secrets of this profession.

Al Kamandjâti received two stringed instruments makers in July/August to open a workshop next to the music center of Ramallah. Four young Palestinians assisted them while learning how to repair stringed instruments. This work resulted in vital repairs to many instruments and in the creation of a workspace for lute-makers, providing them with all the required materials. To ensure the continued partnership between Music Fund and Al Kamandjâti, and with the support of the Roberto Cimetta Funds, Iyad Jaradat, a violin and piano student at the center, received an adjustment and reparation formation for pianos in Anvers (Belgium).


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History of the development of Al Kamandjâti in Palestine from 2003 until the opening of the first school in 2005 in Ramallah.



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