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A regular teaching program has been organized in the Al Kamandjâti music schools and in surrounding refugee camps and villages. The first center opened in autumn 2005 in the old city of Ramallah. Two other centers were created in Deir Ghassana in 2006 and in Jenin in 2007.



The students learn to play violin, viola, cello, piano, guitar, eastern percussion, oud, bouzouk, trombone, trumpet, accordion, clarinet, flute, oboe, etc. They also learn to sing as well as take classes in music theory, orchestra, choral singing and oriental ensemble. Through musical awakening courses, the youngest discover the richness and diversity of the musical world.


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Two new centers were created: the centers in Jenin and Deir Ghassana.

In August, Riwaq finished the renovation of the new part of Al Kamandjâti music center in the old city of Ramallah. Thanks to financial contributions from SIDA (Swedish International Development and cooperation Agency), two extra teaching rooms were added. They allow the center greater flexibility in organizing teaching schedules.

In Palestine, Al Kamandjâti is composed of 22 teachers (violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, trombone, trumpet, saxophone, piano, accordion, oud, nay, Arabic percussion, orchestra, singing, harmony, choir, improvisation, music theory) and 8 administrators (directors of the centers, coordinators, accountant, attendant).

Almost 250 students study at the school.

* Music center, old city of Ramallah: 99 students, 30 students in musical awakening and 15 teachers

* Al Amari: 19 students and 4 teachers.

* Qalandiah: 12 students and 4 teachers.

* Music center of Deir Ghassana: 20 students and 5 teachers.

* Music center of Jenin: 50 students and 6 teachers.

* Tulkarem: 20 students and 3 teachers.

* Jalazon: 10 students and 3 teachers.



The Al Kamandjâti Music Center works with 200 children, ages four to fifteen, in the old city of Ramallah, Deir Ghassana, the camps of Qalandiah, Jalazoun and Al Amari and in the cities of Jenin and Tulkarem. We teach violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano guitar, Arabic percussion, oud, nay, trombone, trumpet, accordion, clarinet, flute and singing. Students take classes in music theory, orchestra, Eastern ensemble and choir. The youngest follow initiation courses which develop their sense of rhythm and prepare them to learn to play an instrument.

Al Kamandjâti is composed of 16 teachers and 4 administrators.



The opening ceremony for the Ramallah Music Center took place on August 17th with its Palestinian partners - the Riwaq Center, the A.M. Qattan Foundation, SIDA (Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency), the Khalaf and Ghanem families, the Tamer Institute and the Palestine Avenir Foundation. The building, a house dating back to the Ottoman period, has been entirely renovated (see photos) and transformed into Al Kamandjâti Music Center, Ramallah. The children of the old city of Ramallah are its primary beneficiaries. We are setting up a system with our partners - the cultural centers and United Nations schools - in the refugee camps so that those children will not have to come all the way to the center, which is too far for some of them. Al Kamandjâti sends teachers and musical instruments to the camps.

The Music Centre in Ramallah hosts around 150 children from 4 to 15 years. They learn how to play the violin, viola, cello, piano, guitar, oriental percussions, oud, bouzouk, trombone, trumpet, accordion, clarinet, flute ... They also attend music theory classes, orchestra, oriental choir and ensemble. The youngest have music appreciation lessons in order to discover gradually the richness and diversity of the music world. Al Kamandjâti has also developed a music education program for a hundred children in various refugee camps, villages and in the old city of Jerusalem.

Al Kamandjâti is composed of 14 teachers and 3 administrators.


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