Musical discovery workshops

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The preliminary approach in awakening children's innate desire to learn music.

Music is a universal language. We encourage the Palestinian people to use this artistic tool to harmonize and enrich their cultural life, thus promoting international awareness and recognition of the Palestinian nation.

Through music, Al Kamandjâti aims to show that education and culture can transcend and overcome the Israeli violence from which Palestinians suffer. Learning music provides children with a form of expression to channel their energy creatively and constructively. Are not today's children tomorrow's adults? We teach them the rhythms and harmonies of civilization that they might grow up to rebuild a nation.

Classical music is, for the children, a discovery. We introduce each one to an instrument. Moreover, these workshops enable children to gather in a disciplined setting, whether as neighbours or friends or new acquaintances.


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On the 24th of February 2008 the Association welcomed Speedy Gonzales, one the fastest accordion players in the world, in partnership with the French Cultural Center of Ramallah. He directed a workshop with a group of Al Kamandjâti students who were learning to play the accordion and other instruments. They played with him for few hours. That evening, the students attended his concert at the French Cultural Center of Ramallah.

The Ministère des Affaires Populaires (MAP) band, which had come for the Music Days Festival in 2007, came back in April for two weeks to run workshops with the children and to give a few concerts.



In May 2007, "Les Violons d'Ingres", two Italian violinists, came to Ramallah to give classes to the students, including introductory courses in violin. They worked with the children for two weeks and played some concerts.

In June 2007, some Al Kamandjâti students from Ramallah took part in a workshop. They spent two days with a Belgian pop rock band called "Rumplestitchkin", learning their compositions. Apart from the fun, it was very interesting for them to adapt their playing to pop music rhythms that they were not used to.

In July and August 2007, as they had done in previous years, some musicians came to Palestine to run workshops and give concerts in the refugee camps of Al Amari, Qalandiah, Jalazoun, Aida, Azza, Saffa, Aatil, Balata, Jenin, Hebron and Tulkarem,

In Ramallah, in partnership with different local cultural associations, Al Kamandjâti most advanced students went to the camps with professional musicians to assist with the workshops. It enabled them to put into practice the knowledge they had acquired during the year, by sharing it with other children.



For the past few years, workshops and concerts have been organized in July and August in the refugee camps of Al Amari and Qalandiah, in the villages of Abu Shredem, Doura 'Ukara, Mazaree, el Nubani and in Bethlehem...  Se Repérer



About 15 musicians and a young Palestinian singer - Oday Khatib from the refugee camp Al Fuwwar near Hebron - traveled around many refugee camps, villages and cities in the West Bank meeting and performing for hundreds of children during the whole month of August.

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Many workshops were organized in:

Bethlehem: Deheisha camp and Beit Jala;

Nablus: refugee camps Askar and Balata and in Deir Estiah, a little village south-west of Nablus

Jerusalem: Shu'fat camp;

Ramallah: refugee camps Al Amari and Jalazoun; Al Bireh; in Deir Ghassana, a village to the north of Ramallah, near Salfit ; Beit Rima ;

Hebron : Al Fuwwar refugee camp ;

Qalqiliah, in the northern part of the West Bank: the village of Foundouk.

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The organization of the workshops was made possible by the musical band DALOUNA, which is composed of French and Palestinian musicians. The workshops were open to children but, as we did not want to forget the adults, concerts were also given.

The first workshops were organized in the refugee camp of Al Amari. Why did we choose this place? Only Ramzi Aburedwan can explain this choice as he is from Al Amari.

The workshops in Kfar Nama took place in partnership with Al Qattan Foundation. This Palestinian organization aims to support young Palestinian talent by giving them opportunities to obtain grants and scholarships.

In Hebron, other workshops took place thanks to the Hebron Committee of Rehabilitation, and to the TIPH (Temporary International Presence in Hebron). The city is the scene of daily fighting between 400 settlers - protected by 2,000 Israeli soldiers - and the Palestinian population.

Other workshops took place in Gaza in partnership with the Red Crescent and in Bethlehem in partnership with the cultural centers Amal and Al Rowwad.

About 3,000 children have had access to these workshops.

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