Summer camps

Since 2007, the association has been gathering its students in a little castle in Beit Wazan (near Nablus), for one week to:

* Participate in group classes, take individual lessons and take part in workshops under the direction of their teachers as well as guest teachers.

* Perform in concerts with the teachers and in student ensembles.

The camps are also an occasion to organize musical exchanges between young Palestinian, French and Italian musicians in their respective countries.


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Camp Eté 2009

Summer Camp: June 25th - July 1st 2009

The third summer camp took place in Al-Fara'a with more than 80 students from Ramallah, Jenin, Der Ghassaneh and Al-Amari and Qalandia refugee camps. With the support of 25 teachers from the United States and Europe, students received individual lessons and took part in workshops on many different subjects: written composition, graphic notation, improvisation etc.



Camp Eté 2008 01

June 2008 Summer Camp

Al Kamandjâti Association organized a summer camp for all of its students during the last week of June 2008 in the village of Faraa. The camp was an opportunity for Al Kamandjâti to gather 85 students from Ramallah and the surrounding refugee camps, Qalandiah, Jalazon, Al Amari, and from Deir Ghassana, Beit Rima, Jenin, Tulkarem and Jerusalem, in the same place for a week of intensive classes with 25 music teachers.

Every day the students had individual lessons and took part in ensemble and orchestra workshops. The summer camp ended with a final student concert that rounded off the academic year.



For the first time Al Kamandjâti decided to gather its students in a little castle in Beit Wazan (near Nablus) for one week. The activities were under the direction of Peter Sulski. The students worked with their regular teachers, as well as guest teachers, all day. They played in concerts in the evenings.

For this particular event, Al Kamandjâti received musicians from the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris.


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